CENTER PERIKANANKelinci can be considered pets and livestock, because the rabbit meat was quite interested in the communitAgen Judi Onliney, especially for satay rabbit shaped snacks. Economic value is very dependent on the cultivation of rabbit breeding procedures performed especially regarding the harvest and marketing. We know that the rabbit is one of the most productive animals in the breed, therefore if we want to start a business is a good idea to first make sure that the market will accommodate the production (harvest).
From the experience of a friend in my office first menyetakan that bankruptcy raising rabbits is not due to death or illness, but the losses caused due to the absence of a definite market willing to accommodate production. For we can know that a mother is able to produce a child up to 12 heads within 2 months, make an average of only 4 individuals born within 2 months of the year means that you will get as many as 24 rabbits tail of a mother alone.
If there is always a market mememag r
Taruhan Bola Onlineabbits then this will be very beneficial, because captive breeding is very easy, but if the market in your area is very uncertain I suggest do not make an effort, because the cost of feed and maintenance can be very costly.
How to raise rabbits:

If we want to maintain or raise rabbits ranging from puppies so we provide sebiknya cage is a cage baterani given litter.
But if we buy direct parent, then built enough battery cages alone.
Rabbit cage size battery box that can be used for all types of rabbit 70 x 50 x 60 cm. (Length x width x height) can carry 5 tails. But if we want megembang reproduce it in a box enclosure is filled with a pair.
Prepare rabbit feed or food. If you want practical enough to buy pellets and added with a bit of green fodder suitable for rabbits. As for some suitable forage for food rabbit; leguminoseae (leaf beans), vegetables (spinach and carrots), superior young grass, potato leaves (either sweet or yam tubers). see more here.
Preferably in a given cage electric lamp lighting
Drugs that should always be ready, most importantly vitamin C and antibiotics.
Control for adult rabbits is 2 times a
Agen Judi Bola day once in the morning and once in the afternoon. All control is done feeding. While the puppies should be controlled for as often as possible.
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