While it is a disease that usually attacks

While it is a disease that usually attacks the white rust disease (Albigo Ipomoeae Panduratae). When this disease appears white patches on the leaves then be expanded. In terrestrial organic kale cultivation, pest management should be integrated. To reduce the risk of pests and diseases, crop rotation is necessary, adjust spacing and proper watering. Or when forced to use biological pesticides such as neem leaves, yam, and citronella.GudangPoker.com  Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya

Kale cultivation spread inland from the beginning until the harvest takes 30-45 days. Harvesting can be done in two ways cut and removed. Especially for organic kale, harvesting should be done with revoked. Because organic kale market tastes, the modern markets, preferring kale plants complete with roots. Harvesting is a way to produce a crop of kale revoked as much as 23 tons per hectare.

Before the packed and shipped to market, which has been revoked kale should be cleaned first from the ground. Washing is done with running water or clean water to avoid harmful contaminants. Place the kale in a damp place and do not stung direct sunlight.
Post-harvest and marketing

In contrast to the conventional cultivation, cultivation of terrestrial organic kale will produce organic products are free from harmful chemical contaminants. Therefore, the products tend to have higher prices. Should not be sold directly to the collectors who usually was ready to take directly from the land. If we execute marketing strategies, it is not impossible the benefits are also greater. There are some tips to market organic kale landline:

# 1 Selling directly in the garden (farm gate sale)
If your garden is within easy re
Indotophosting.com Hosting Unlimited dan Domain Murah Terbaik di Indonesiaach, should the sale go directly in the garden. Target buyers are final consumers. Usually organic vegetable consumers are willing to come into the garden to ensure the product is bought. Especially now popular slogan know your food is know your farm. In this way we can save the cost of distribution. There are some farms could apply this way, one at the top Agatho Organic satunyaKebun, Bogor.

# 2 Picking himself (pick your own)
With the development of ecotourism, many gardens which offer purchasing and picking their own. This method is widely applied by organic gardens in Lembang, Bandung.

# 3 Sales (direct alternating)
Direct selling can be done by maintaining a relationship with the organic consumer communities. Need pengatiran planting schedule strategies and develop a diversity of plants to meet consumer demand. We can send vegetables to the consumer in the form of packages ready for consumption. To be able to provide a complete package should work with other fellow farmers organic farming.

# 4 special place in the retail market
If the lobby had a good, organic vegetables can be directly entered into the modern retail market. In the retailers we can display special request made using organic and premium prices.

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How this can be done with a partnership or business development itself, mulau from on-farm to off-farm capital if you are pretty. This method is used by some organic outlets in Jakarta in cooperation with organic farmers in Bogor.
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