Escorting Diseases and Insects on corn

Escorting Diseases and Insects on corn· Spot war ( dreschslera maydis )Colored spots on a young war elongated oblong -shaped leaves . Destroyed the remains of plants . In order to seed the seeds of principal adviser . SprayedJasa SEO Berkualitas insecticide such as maneb or Zineb once a week if necessary . Maintainability wet (wet - seed treatment) for seeds using Captan / Zineb .
· Leaf spot ( Curvularia lunata )Round spots 1-2 mm berwarrna war yellowish with brown edge and there is a yellow circle around the spots . The disease is less serious .
· Leaf rust ( Puccinia polysora )Fine spots the orange / rust on the leaf surface resulting in dry leaves . Also less serious . Sprayed with Copper oxychloride at Oxycarboxin or kafar 0.1 % active ingredient .
· Kulapok Downy ( Sclerophthora rayssiae )Yellowing of the leaves path followed by the formation of kulapok , signs and keperangan decayed . To disease-free seeds and destroy diseased subject .
· Eve upeh ( Rhizoctonia solani )Elongated oblong gray spots . Spots surrounded by a layer of brown lines keperangan . Make the turn of diseased plants and principal wiped .
· Decayed trunk ( Erwinia caratovora )Staple reput and wet . Attacked and destroyed the principal drains get good .
· Ants ( Ustilago maydis )Hump ​​on the cob light green vaginal discharge . Blackish brown spores and spread of wind or water . Fuel stumps after taking the results . Destroy by burning diseased fruit . It is poisonous if eaten on the farm .
· Sheath blight ( Thanatephorus , Cucumeris ( Frank ) Donk , Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn A.Strain Park & Bertus )Benomyl sprayed at 0.1 % concentration of active i
Jasa SEO Indonesiangredient .
· Child Lecuh seed ( Phythium spp . , Fusarium spp . , Rhizoctonia spp . )Sprayed with Captan or Thiram at 0.2 % concentration of active ingredient . Maintainability wet for seeds (wet seed treatment) .
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