Cultivation swallow :

Cultivation swallow :
Many swiftlet initially present in the rock gua2 , with humid conditions in the cave and dimly lit , not too bright about 2 candle.Tetapi because more and more and more are taking a swallow nest and taking in nature , such as in a cave far apart from its place and the location of the nest and are hard to reach places , then people began to cultivate / maintain swiftlet house or building or warehouses could also unused . By creating the conditions in the building or home as conditions in their natural habitat , the birds can waletpun and want to stay and make a nest in the house and breed well .That needs to cultivate this swiftlet swiftlet house is micro conditions , namely: keeping humidity : 80-90 % and the room temperature : 26-29 degrees Celsius.Kondisi2 2 beyond the limits can result in birds' not welcome to stay longer in the house let alone swallow developing multiply .Humidity and temperature can be adjusted by placing financial atomizer or humidifier for areas or seasons which tend kering.Dan we also need to periodically monitor the humidity and temperature by installing a temperature and humidity measuring devices , namely Thermometer and hygrometer . To speed up swiftlets a new
Seasonbet77 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Sambut Piala Dunia 2014 house , then install the sound system equipment , namely amplifiers and speakers , tweeters inside the swiftlet house to adjust the placement of the speakers on a regular basis , so as to create the sound of birds' community in the new home that will keep young swiftlets entering , want to stay and make a nest .
Efficacy of bird's nest :
Efficacy of bird's nest primarily to increase stamina because many contain high quality protein which is very tinggi.Sehingga can be used to accelerate the healing of various diseases , such as :
Nutrient content swallow nest :
Nutrients contained in the swallow nest is : P rotein high quality and some trace elements that are beneficial to the body .
Usefulness maintain swiftlet :
Usefulness maintain swiftlet nest taken in addition to having a good enough selling point , this bird also serves to reduce pests that often interfere with the farmers , because the birds' only prey on insects that fly and do not want to eat that lain.Sehingga places there are many centers which then will be reduced complaints swiftlet farmers against crop pests such as leafhoppers and so on .
Swallow breeding birds :
Swiftlet breeding birds' mating season or no time waktunya.Biasanya few months and especially during the abundant availability of food in nature then the bird that are old enough , then they will make their nests in preparation for mating season and the female bird laid telor2 her .Each pair of swiftlets normally put 2 eggs in a nest that has been made ​​in the breeding season .
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