Cultivation techniques using a basin / plastic trays are arranged

Cultivation techniques using a basin / plastic trays are arranged vertically more advisable because it will cut the need for land, investment costs including the cost of maintenance. Including aquaculture management and production planning easier. Silk worm JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN SITUS TARUHAN BANDAR JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  cultivation techniques in plastic trays are still relatively new and has not introduced many businesses that use this kind of farming. Plastic tray is easy and cheap to get. Costs other than depreciation are also using plastic containers also apply SCRS (Semi-Closed System Re-sirculating) aka recycles existing water with the help of pumps that distribute water from the pool / purifier tube back into container cultivation. To improve the quality of dissolved oxygen in ponds / water purifier can use aerators or blowers. Shelf compilers container can be made of wood or bamboo. But economic times and the strength of the two materials is no longer even cheaper. Another option is to construct a container in the rack iron or aluminum, but the cost of making more expensive but offset with life and good strength.

For the preparation of the silk worm habitat use of mud-rich organic matter. This sludge can be taken from the mud of the pond pisciculture eg catfish. However, if found to be difficult to use a mixture of mud pond catfish, chicken manure, pulp, bran with composition 5: 1-3: 1: 1 and probiotics plus materials / molasses (molasses). Let the mud mixture for one week for fermentation in a sealed container (barrel / barrel) and a small vent to the need of oxygen during the fermentation process takes place. After about a week of media mud ready to be used as habitat for the cultivation of silk worms by traits do not cause a foul odor. Fermentation slurry is then distributed to each container cultivation with a thickness of 4-5 cm lk and leave for one week before stocking seed worms.

Seeds can of worms taken from nature such as rivers, sewers, water-rich organic or from the cultivation. Seed worms can be taken with the help of fine gauze drain and taken with care so as not to many seeds are dead worms. Seeds collected worms then cleaned with clean water until the clumps of mud lost and live worms that look is clean.

Seed this worm can then be distributed and planted in container cultivation and always checked to see if the cultivation medium is appropriate or not.

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Feed silk worms can be made as well as making mud cultivation media that is in a sealed container (and the oxygen channel) by mixing organic materials such as bran, tofu and chicken manure and allow to ferment for a week. Feeding fermented it can be given once a week into each container cultivation of worms. Performed after the first harvest the seeds worms maintained for approximately l
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