The other thing that is not less important

The other thing that is not less important is observed in cultured carp is a protection against disease and pests . As usual mite attack goldfish is bebeasan , ucrit , toads , Agen Bola Indonesia snakes , lingsang , birds, crabs and eels are also fishing cork . Fish are often preyed cork goldfish is still small. Similarly, eels and crabs . Meanwhile, a disease that often affects goldfish is white spot or red spots , swelling of the gills and body , the worms on the gills , skin, fins also , ticks and many other fish .Peralat are usually worn in goldfish breeding efforts between them that is waring ( anco ) , nets , hapa ( box of net / nets to cover while holding or seed ) , bucket , bucket , seser , basin various sizes , small scale weight ( grams ) and large ( kg ) , sickle , knives , hoes and saucer Secchi ( Secchi disc) to measure turbidity , etc. .3 ) Preparation of mediaIn complete media in cultured goldfish pond sheeting , to do that is dry pond for a few days , kemuidan done liming to that mites and wild fish lost. of 25-200 grams / square meter , given the adoption of a form of artificial fertilizers, namely urea and TSP respectively at a dose of 50-700 grams / square meter , can also be added with artificial fertilizer in the form of urea and TSP each dose 15 grams and 10 grams / square meter .
So how cultured carp in pond sheeting that you can apply . Have fun and safe working .Preservation goldfish in pond water rapids should consider several things , among others, a location close to a water source ( river , irrigation , etc. )
Agen Bola Tangkas with the topography allows water to pond drained by gravity, the quality of water used good quality and not contaminated ( dissolved oxygen content of 6-8 ppm ) and with a minimum of 100 liters of water debit permenit .
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