accompanied by strong winds that night

accompanied by strong winds that night . After eating noodles that have so we immediately rushed looking for a place to stay free of friends in the unfortunate turns out not at all due to the sudden and fear are not allowed by the security , we can just let go and look for the gas station in order to stay safe car . Because there are my friends who are alreadyJasa SEO Berkualitas starving at night showed 01.00 am we are looking for dinner and see a cart selling soup chicken wings and claw at quite cheap rates with 5ribu price plus drink , in terms of taste is very tasty and spicy fill the stomach at night hoping not abdominal pain due to a very spicy sauce hehehe .. After lunch we go to sleep in a car that has been parked at the gas station that previously had permission first .

Details of the cost of day 3 :1 . Breakfasts ( pecel + fried ) = Rp 3.000 , -2 . Rental car + petrol Rp 350.000 : 7 = Rp 50.000 , -3 . Lunch ( Waba KFC ) = Rp 13.000 , -4 . Venture Snack stage 3 ( mini ) = Rp 7.500 , -5 . Dinner ( soup + tea wing ) = Rp 5.000 , -
Day 4 ( January 26, 2012 ) = Malang
A wonderful day was still able to sleep well while sleeping in the car and in the cool morning air is very unfortunate that the city is far from pollution , we started the day with a bath at the gas station with 2ribu rates and lie lying in the mosque while waiting for other friends bath . Today we would like to place a stone waterfall in the city will again curiosity , but up there we were let down again because it is still closed due to the weather that is not sunny and conducive . We chose to get around on campus UMM ( Malang) and UB , students were seen busy taking care of KRS 's and paid for the next semester student also looks pretty ones and we could tease out of the car hahaha ..The clock is at 12:00 and the car lease is running out , we rushed to the lodging house in poor friend to put our luggage and immediately returned the car so as not to be subject to an additional fee . We continue the journey on foot while purchasing fuel hawker cilok truly distinctive in poor taste quite delicious and the most surprised when we buy a piece of fresh ripe fruit which usually cost 2 - 3ribu , here is only 500 dollars for long hahaha like deh here because snacks , food , drinks inexpensive yet versatile quality . After snack we went for lunch in the back Waroeng Penyet offer cheap prices 12ribu package is very comprehensive ( penyet chicken , tofu , tempeh , eggs , fresh vegetables , rice , tea jumbo ) steady right?Finished eating we headed to MATOS ( Malang Town Square ) here as malls usually existing cinema , counter , dining , and more . Here we look like a cheesy because we only wear flip-flops T-shirt , looking disheveled student backpacker style hahaha ... We also wash the eyes in this mall because unceasingly beautiful women passing by , after feeling satisfied we returned to the boarding friend ( UB students ) to rest and shower preparations malanjutkan trip to jogjakarta .Today show at 17:00 , we had to go to the bus terminal so as not to miss the bus that departs at 19:00 . There was a feeling of sadness leaving poor beautiful city full of memories and friends in the town poor ( cc : Haris and Afief ) very kindly took the time to
Jasa SEO Indonesia entertain our arrival and became our tour guide for in unfortunate . We ride public transportation to the terminals , when she reached there we bought meatballs 5ribu poor at cheap rates with many portions and tasty . The bus has arrived and we took snacks back at the mini for that journey and then we sit back and fell asleep to the student city ( Yogyakarta ) .
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