Source: Publications PPKS

Source: Publications PPKS
Here is the need fertilizer for one hectare of nursery play with the amount of about 11,000 seedlings .1 . Fertilizer mejemuk ( 15-15-6-4 ) : 50 grams x Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli Indonesia

11,000 = 550 kg / hectare2 . Fertilizer mejemuk (12-12-17-2 ) : 230 grams x 11,000 = 2,530 kg / hectare3 . Fertilizer Kieserite : 55 grams x 11,000 = 605 kg / hectare

H. Pests and diseases
Pest control can be done manually , ie by taking one by one insect , and killed him . Additional control can be done chemically , by spraying insecticide Sevin 85 ES and Tendion that has dissolved in water according to the dosage recommended on the packaging . Other pests that can damage seedlings in nursery play is wild boar and porcupine . These pests invade active at night ( nocturnal ) in groups with umbut eating seeds or growing point . Prevention by painting the base of the stems of seedlings using residual materials , such as used oil or waste plant mixed Zn posfit . Besides, we can use poisonous bait , such as bananas , eggs , rotten fish , and pork that have been caught ( Sunarko , 2009) .
The disease sometimes appears among crown disease and blast disease . Serious illness are rarely found during breeding period . Crown rot disease is a disease of the canopy . Symptoms are characterized by newly emerging young leaves decay . This disease can not be resolved chemically . Efforts to reduce the symptoms by reducing fertilizer containing nitrogen , because excess nitrogen that plants will be vulnerable to virus attacks . Blast disease is root rot caused by fungal attack Phytium sp . Eradication extremely difficult . Actions that can be performed simply by unplugging and burn the plants are attacked , so it does not spread to healthy plants ( Sunarko , 2009) .I. Selection
Selection in the main nursery is done in four stages as follows :1 . After the seedlings were moved from prenursery .2 . After a 4 -month -old seedlings . Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia 3 . After the 8 -month -old seedlings .4 . When the seedlings were transferred to the field .
Characteristics of seedlings is not normal and should be disposed of as follows :1 . Seedlings were elongated rigid ( errectic ) , exceeding the average high and stiff leaves .2 . Seedlings flat surface ( flat ) and young leaves are shorter .3 . Seedlings were crouched ( limp ) .4 . Seedlings whose leaves do not divide ( fused leaflets ) .5 . Child leaves (short leaflet ) , narrow , and always roll ( Sunarko , 2009) .J. Transportation SeedTransportation seedlings should ensure seed is not damaged and is not affected by heat or wilting due to high winds . The process of transporting seedlings from nurseries play nursery to the planting site can be run efficiently through the division of labor . The following work should be charged to a separate labor ( Sunarko , 2009 ) . JUDI BOLA, AGEN BOLA, AGEN JUDI BOLA PIALA DUNIA1 . Loading seeds into truck2 . Dismantle and degrade the seeds from the truck to the designated place in the field3 . Transporting seeds to plant marker ,

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