Pollen is superior to both honey and royal jelly

 , and has the composition ( but more stable ) is similar to the royal jelly . Overall stability of bee pollen is more beneficial when used in dietetics , as well as an effective form of skin care for dermatology korektif.Karena pollen contains fatty acids , this may explain the beneficial effects on th

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e skin and skin tissue . Anti - fungal action in human sweat due to the presence of certain fatty acids such as caprylic , propionic acid and undecyclenic .

Many of the active ingredients in bee pollen consists of substances ( such as hormones ) that accelerate plant growth .

Many universities and colleges around the world who found the evidence of a high level of performance associated with the use of bee pollen .
Pythagoras , Hippocrates , Pliny and Virgil all the so-called great powers rejuvenate pollen , as well as the ability to retard aging .
Russian centenarians typically known beekeeper whose diets include large amounts of honey " former " , which is a pollen - saturated honey residue recovered from the nest .

Bee pollen has a dramatic effect on the mental perception during athletic performance .
The IQ of children has doubled over the documented clinical tests , and resistance to stress has increased significantly in both animals and humans .
Experiments by French doctors have revealed that pollen containing both natural antibiotic properties and significant growth factor . Bee pollen is used solely as a source of nutrition for a long time ( 6 months ) , and shown very successful results in terms of growth promotion . Growth factors typically vary , depending on the amount of digested pollen , and often result in accelerated growth .

Pollen consumption on a regular basis to h

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ealthy people will usually resolve the following :
1 . Protect against any insufficiencies in vitamins , minerals and amino acids - especially during pregnancy , lactation , and physical or mental work intensive .
2 . Permit the achievement of physical and intellectual output is optimal .
3 . Provide greater reinforcement to the body for resistance against any external aggression .
4 . Prevent any internal metabolic disorder that ultimately results in a variety of disease conditions .
Pollen gives chemicals that comes from being made glands , muscles , hair and vital organs . It also complements the essential ingredients necessary to repair any worn-out cells or tissues .
Bee pollen also generate rules ( amphoteric ) activity in the gastro -intestinal function , both in relation to some cases of chronic constipation and diarrhea are very resistant to the synthetic antibiotic therapy . Furthermore , pollen set to destroy or weaken the intestines of harmful bacteria and promote the growth of healthy species ( intestinal flora ) .
Bee Pollen is very valuable as an adaptogen by helping on either weight or loss , as well as in the reduction of hypertension or increase the overall metabolic function . Bee Pollen both regulate and stimulate metabolism in the human organism by providing the missing factor ( or catalyst ) that other foods do not provide temporarily counteract the catabolic effects of various toxins , environmental pollutants , synthetic drugs or food additives , thus producing healthy cells , improve the health and wellbeing and a longer life - span .
Pollen increase metabolism by creating an endless chain reaction throughout the entire system . Essential minerals and other natural elements in bee pollen acts as a catalyst , and is responsible for the assimilation of some of the foods that would normally have been eliminated without producing energy , essential nutrients and other benefits ( which usually occurs regularly with the most contaminated food ) .

Bee Pollen accelerating normal cellular processes throughout the entire organism , and act as a catalyst to stimulate metabolic activity between cells without greatly modifying the normal physiological activity .

The overall effect of multiple pollen , ie , does not appear to have only a specific physiological function , but rather , activates systemic biological functions .

Elements that exist in the number of micrograms ( as found in bee pollen ) can interact with co - enzymes as catalysts or can act
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Over the years of testing , pollen has been renowned for its lack of harmful side effects . Drugs rank with some bee pollen in terms of lack of toxicity . It is a completely natural product that is tolerated by the body and is compatible with all other forms of therapy . In addition , easy to digest and suitable for all ages . In addition , providing increased protection and greater resistance against invasive or harmful pathogenic bacteria , and provide increased and sustained energy levels throughout the entire organism .
There are approximately 35,000 miles of capillaries in the human body , and assist in the removal of pollen sludge and other waste materials are continuously accumulated in the channel ( due to the stress of modern living habits , processed food , synthetic drugs and environmental pollution ) . If only a fraction of an inch of the 35,000 miles of the channel should explode in the brain , it can be fatal or result in partial or total paralysis for the rest of the lifespan .
Routine is a glucoside which provides enhanced resistance to capillary walls , and its main task is to strengthen the general resistance throughout the entire capillary system . Routine whole organism protects against capillary permeability due to excessive radiation x-rays or injections of histamine in a row . Supply richest routinely found in the pollen grain .
This routine is particularly useful for intellectual functions , as well as conditions that involve bleeding in the brain or vascular disorders also jantung.Tindakan routine and a bit of hypotension , and also acts as a diuretic . Routine also reduces bleeding time in the proportion of 30 to 40 percent , as well as shorter coagulation . In addition , improving capillary fragility during the birth process while preventing meningeal hemorrhage in infants . Capillary resistance in pregnant women increased by 60 percent within 10 days of the beginning of the routine administration .

In recovering from illness , bee pollen creates a rapid increase in both weight and energy levels , and from 1 to 3 tablespoonsful must be taken every day by their flawed or in a poor state of health requires a total rejuvenation ( such
Pollen is also successful in treating hypertonic disease , and disorders of the nervous system or the endocrine glands . This produces the desired effect either stabilize low blood pressure increase or reduce high blood pressure . In addition, the effect ( sedative ) calming and sedating without contraindications or side effects are harmful .
Bee pollen is highly recommended for kids mentally - retarded and anemia , as well as for those who suffer from rickets . The test results showed a significant increase in red blood cells ( to 30 percent ) and an increase in the amount of hemoglobin ( an average of about 15 percent ) . When the children were given an additional dose of pollen and glutamic acid , an increase in their overall drmatically accelerated . Action glutamic acid reacts directly on brain cells brown . Improvements are generally observed in the first 6 months , and reached its peak towards the end of the year . Prescribed dose is about 4 grams , 3 times a day .
Pollen contains large amounts of acetylcholine , which plays an important role in the varied and functional capability of the whole organism to provoke increased secretion of adrenaline . It also acts as a mediator for the chemical transmission of nerve impulses , which may indicate why pollen stimulates the secretion of the glands increased while acting as a tonic for the entire nervous system .

By stimulating the secretio
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Pollen also stimulates the secretion of both adrenal and liver to allow the liver to secrete extra amount glycoge , thus elevating blood sugar levels ( which is their advantage with symptoms of hypoglycemia ) .
Allergy attack is usually caused by pollen produced by the wind carries pollen , and not the pollen collected by bees . The resulting wind pollens usually stimulate the cleansing process throughout the entire respiratory tract , especially among those who consume excessive amounts of mucus -producing food for the winter .
Bee pollen can be safely given to everyone, even people who are prone to allergies such as asthma , hayfever , because they usually will suffer no ill-effects . Allergenic properties always neutralized by nectar and enzymes secreted by bees .
SanaPoker.com JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Raw honey has been specifically recommended by many professionals as a result of allergy immunization in the majority of pollen - induced allergy . It is usually a direct result of pollen and related substances found in honey both unfiltered and raw , when ingested , forming a natural oral immunization against allergies .
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