Submitting a job application letter

Submitting a job application letter is no longer a necessity, because all eyes are now focused on social networking sites, including co-workers looking for even employees.

The key is creativity. If you feel Obat Pembesar Penis Vimax creative, you just write the complete data on social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and personal blogs or websites. In this way, it could be you got a job offer from a company. For example in the LinkedIn stating whether there are items you are looking for a new job or not.

"An offer from another company can help you negotiate a promotion or a raise," said Director of Connections at LinkedIn and Writers 'Earn What You're Worth', Nicole Williams as quoted from page Menshealth News in Jakarta, Sunday (08/25/2013 ).

It's how, in order to get a job without having to bother applying but instead proposed company:

Build a better profile

Install the latest position (job) your social networking account, your personal blog or website, where it should reflect the ethics office that the company will see you experience when looking for prospective employees. In summary profile, you can also explain the job description states that you are smart and creative.

Fill your site with articles

Playing farmville it can kill your chances of getting a job without a job interview. From now on, try plugging articles that are highly relevant to your career or your field, so that your colleagues know that you are very diligent and loving your field. This strategy can bring a job offer.

Dominating Google

Search engine will capture how often your role in the virtual world, for example in a personal blog, and so on. It is also related to how often people click on the page that has to do with you. Try this time to set up your account in order to connect with the whole social networking websites, personal websites and so on.

"That way, the more people click on your site and Agen Bola Terpercaya the search results page will jump in the search engines. Consequently, the company can easily find you," said author Seacrh Engine Optimization for Dummies. (Fik / IGW)
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