The results of the study at Concordia University

pulau pari The results of the study at Concordia University , published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that testosterone levels can affect finger length ratio , both in women and men . However , personality traits can only be obtained directly from the fingers of men .
Men with longer ring fingers than index fingers even potentially be a rich man . Comparison between the length of the index finger and ring finger when dealing with hormonal conditions in the womb and will certainly affect one's personality while growing up .
The results showed that men with longer ring fingers than index fingers have testosterone levels that are higher than men with longer index finger . This is because high testosterone conditions on pre - natal ( before birth ) not only affect fetal brain development , pulau pari but also slow the growth of the index finger relative to the other four fingers except the thumb . And high testosterone levels make men tend to have properties more willing to take risks in making decisions .
According to Stenström , previous studies also have linked between high testosterone levels with risky behavior and financial success . " People with high testosterone will dare to take risks , especially in playing the stock , so it could potentially be a rich man later on . In addition , people with such properties is also much favored women , "said lead researcher , Professor Gad Saad .Maybe it's the idea with a giant dong this one , the day before yesterday disiarin in one private television in Indonesia , Robert Wadlow is the highest in the history of human giants . He is often referred to as the Alton giant because he came from Alton , Illinois . At the time of his death he weighed 440 pounds and did not show signs of stopping growing . He was born in 1918, the oldest of five children . He died at the age of 22 years due to an infection caused by a blister on the ankle . His coffin weighed half a ton and required 12 pallbearers to carry out . He was buried in a vault of solid concrete , the family had a scare when pulau tidung  his body will be interfered with curiosity seekers news .
2.Johan Aason , 8 ' 9-1/4 "
Johan was born in America a few years after his mother moved from Norway . Interestingly she is also a giant with a height 7'2 " . According to his death certificate from the Mendocino Hospital , at the time of death listed height is 9'2 " - if this is true , then it is the highest in the world throughout human history . He was buried in Montana .
3.John Rogan , 8'9 "
John Rogan was born in 1868 and he grew normally until the age of 13 until his death recorded tahun.tingginya is 8'9 " . Due to illness he weighed only 175 pounds . He died in 1905 from complications of the disease pulau tidung  .
4.John F Carroll , 8'7 "
John Carroll ( born in 1932 ) was born in Buffalo , New York and known as the Buffalo giant . Although many medical treatments , he grew at a very rapid rate . He grew seven inches in a few months . He died in 1969 and when it ketinggianya not recorded at the time of death , yet it is believed that it has a nearly nine feet in height .
5.Leonid Stadnyk , 8'5 "
Leonid Stadnyk born in 1971 in Ukraine . She is a registered veterinary surgeon and lives with his mother . He is currently listed as the tallest man by the Guinness Book of Records . Ukraine group of businessmen donated satellite dish and a computer to alat bantu sex Stadnyk and now he has Internet access .sourceThe dictator is an absolute ruling head of government , especially those who have gained power through violence or undemocratic manner ( Dictionary of Indonesian case 354 ) . As per the history of the world , many countries in the world are controlled and headed by a dictator and his regime . Of course every dictator has a unique and negative sides seem laughable and ridiculous . Here are 5 modern era dictator :1 . Kim Jong - IlKim Jong - Il , the holder of the highest power in North Korea . He attained power as the legacy of his father Kim Il - Sung , who died in 1998 . He had an army consisting of a girl, " Forces Pleasure " ( Pleasure Squad ) who faithfully accompany his journey . He was awarded the title " Creator of the Universe " , the same thing is owned by his father . He was considered to have supernatural powers since birth , and claimed that North Korea is the most democratic country , free and respectable nation on earth . He claimed that North Korea is a paradise , where there is no society that is experiencing poverty , and live happily . In fact , the people of North Korea tormented , tortured , and alat bantu sex most of them provide for their lives by working in the fields owned jointly .2 . Mobutu Sese SekoMobutu was the President of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo ) . " Zaire " is a word that means the river . He makes the rules about television , with no mention of the name other than the name in any television broadcast . He banned all caps mold from leopard skin from Zaire , except he uses . He was ordered to mention that he descended from heaven , the night before the telecast begins . He dubbed himself , " the owner of all the power the Knights , because resilience and desire to win , will navigate the war for the sake of the war and left the flame arrives at the resurrection . " He imprison anyone who does not have African names . He was overthrown in 1997 , and died on 7 September, 1997 , from prostate cancer , in Morocco .3 . Saparmurat NiyazovNiyazof a lifetime president of Turkmenistan from 1990 to 2006 . He is known for naming the calendar on behalf of himself , and his family . He named a bakery with his mother's name obat aborsi , and made ​​a huge ice castle was in the middle of Turkmenistan , a desert country . He forbade the use of makeup , gold teeth , and lip sync ( lip motion that follow sound ) while performing. He asked for his books align with the Koran , and all those Turkmenistan are required to have a picture of herself . All persons are required to memorize the book to ensure the job , and will not obtain a driver's license if not memorize the contents of the book in his heart . Turkmenistan is a country that has a single party .
4 . Idi AminIdi Amin Dada was a dictator of Uganda , his power lasted from 1971 to 1979 . He reported , will punish those who disobey by making his pet alligator food . He was ordered to expel all Asians who were in Uganda for a family of Asian simply refuse to woo their daughter . He also claimed to be the King of Scotland , and send a letter to Queen Elizabeth . He went to Libya after the fall of his regime , and then to Saudi Arabia , and died there in 2003 .
5 . Rafael TrujilloRafael Trujillo was a dictator of the Dominican Republic , his rule lasted from 1930 to 1938 and 1942 to 1952. He is one of the dictator who calls himself God or Gods . obat aborsi He called on all churches to pair an article , " Father in Heaven , Trujillo on Earth . " He also organized a celebration at a cost of 30 million dollars the United States , with the theme " Peace and Friendship Week World " ( Fair of Peace and Fraternity of the Free World ) , and appointed his daughter as queen . He pointed to a three -year -old son as a colonel . He campaigned for his wife to get a nobel literature , although she was illiterate . He made the passage of regulations requiring all legal papers , have writing / stamp " Viva Trujillo , " and promoting his ( still very young ) to be a lady general . He was finally killed in 1961 , as a result of an attack by a group consisting of 11 people , and his family were forced to leave the Dominican Republic . ( ** )

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