Various studies conducted by psychologists to the people who think creative has produced several criteria or characteristics of creative people

Various studies conducted by psychologists to the people who think creative has produced several criteria or characteristics of creative people peluang usaha online .
According to Denny and Davis (1982 ) in a study of the creative writers and architects through the identification by members of their profession produce that people who have high creativity tend to have the characteristics : flexible , unconventional , eccentric ( odd ) , excited , free , self-centered , hard working , dedicated and intelligent .
Woolfolk and Nicolich (1984 ) explains that people who think creatively shows characteristics of the attitude of creativity in the broadest sense , including its purpose , its value , as well as a number of personality traits that support people to think freely , flexible , and imaginative .
Creative thinking( source : )According to Mc . Kinnon ( Yellon , 1977) , creative people who have the following characteristics :

Consider themselves different , and more often than portray them as creative , independent , joko warino individualistic .
More open to experiences and feelings .
In relative terms is not interested in the small details , but more interested in the meaning and implications , has flexible cognitive , verbal skills , interested in communicating with others , act right , has a great intellectual curiosity .
More interested in depth than considering absorbing experience .
Is more intuitive .
Mulyono Gandadipura (1983 ) summarizes the results of research experts to people who are experts of various fields , among others : writers , artists , architects , mathematicians , researchers , concluded that people who think creative has the following characteristics :

Free in thought and action .
Not like activities that require conformity ( conformity ) .
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Not easily influenced public opinion when convinced that his opinion is correct .
Less tendency dokmatis and more realistic .
Acknowledging his impulses unfounded reason ( irrational ) .
Admitting things complicated and new .
Recognizes humor and have good sense of humor .
Emphasizing the importance of theoretical values ​​and aesthetic .
While S.C. Utami Jojo express the characteristics of those who have a high ability to think creatively is :

Have a great boost curious .
Often ask good questions .
Often a lot of ideas and suggestions to a problem .
In free expression .
Prominent in one of the arts .
Has its own opinion and is able to say it.
Not easily influenced by others .
Strong imagination .
Have a high level of orisionalitas .
Can work alone .
Happy to try new things .
Guilford , which many experts involved in research studies on intelligence describes the ability of a creative person through several traits :

The existence of fluency , alertness , and the ability to generate many ideas .
Flexibility , ie the ability to use a variety of approaches to address the problem .
Their existence , namely the ability to generate original ideas .
The development , namely the ability to do things in detail and detail .
The existence of the re-formulation , namely iklan baris gratis the ability to formulate and understanding by means of different viewpoints .

CONCLUSIONBy considering some opinions and research experts that study the characteristics that have the ability to think creatively , it appears that the differences arise because of differences in subjects who were subjected to jasa sebar iklan terbaik
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