Bagaimana cara meraih sukses dalam bisnis online?

How can a successful online business by empowering the right brain?

For some reason lately we often dragged right brain into the realm of online business discussion. Perhaps because we often follow the learning of Mr. pulau pari dino Ippho Santosa, or indeed as a calling.

Already beyond doubt, that the right brain is the brain of success, any success is very dependent on both hemispheres, the left and right. But unfortunately can not be denied, some people often forget empower the right brain. How successful online business with the right brain? Consider the following interesting discussion.

Hopefully this article re-burn your burning passion for online business success. Hopefully inspire :).

Have your charity?

Yes, it is not ya you set aside a portion of your income to charity? The right brain is definitely synonymous with charity, so if you want a successful online business it must be charity. The more the better :).

If the charity can not use the money, then try using the science of charity, alms-friendly wear to hospitality, charity and other energy use.

Minimal initial step you can do is to make your blog / website is rich with quality content. So from there you have started to charity through blogs, especially alms and information science.
pari pulau Expand friendship.

Friendship are the doors of sustenance obviously, agree? Therefore if an online business we sometimes drag, or not smooth, then let us remember and reflect again, lest our friendship less.

Especially now that there's been Twitter, and Facebook, clearly to relate to other people so much easier. In short, do not forget to take advantage of a variety of existing social media to build relationships with others, whether it's a product of our customers, partners and others.

Try it, greet friends who had not greet you, whether it's in the real world or on the internet. Definitely going there later :) sustenance.
Work with Other Dude

Everyone's got their sustenance each, right?

Well if there are no obstacles, then try to collaborate with others. pulau pari menakjubkan uWhether it's with joint ventures, affiliates and so on. You can invite the cooperation of your colleagues, perhaps by merging two or more sustenance, increasingly skyrocket your online business to success ceiling.
Perform Breakthrough

onlineSeperti business breakthroughs that we have discussed in one of our recent book which probably will be released in June 2013, that the right brain must always be creative and often associated with doing such thing as a breakthrough.

Not, as the saying of the founder of Intel Andy Groove, Only the Paranoid Will Survive.
Inevitably, the breakthrough should be done. How?

Can begin to improve the quality of service from your online business. Whether it's with:

    making the delivery system more quickly,
    give discounts to existing customers,
  joko warino   give a special bonus for those who become the first 10 customers,
    and much more.
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