After knowing what is SEO and why SEO

After knowing what is SEO and why SEO is important for a blog, in this post we will discuss the main points related to SEO, pengobatan alternatif eyang djati which is how the search engines, especially Google. why is google? because Google is the main search engine for Internet users, although appearing and falling search engine, yet no one can match made in search engine Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google itself has explained how their search engine works. they create a special page to explain how search engines work, they also have often explained via video videos they make. more please check into a crime scene.

Google has some sort of program for "web crawling" on the internet is often called Googlebot.
Googlebot is actually a way of working together with us when we read a web page and then clicking the link - the link is there.
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when the Googlebot crawling the web, it will save the web content in their database.
when Googlebot link - a link that is disebuah page, then the google crawler will go to the link the link - but no information should not be crawled and so on.
The data from the web will be stored and can be sorted by word, location, etc. and create an index or formula in accordance with the google algorithm.
when someone is typing a word and submits that the google search will find pages that correspond to existing words, and displayed to the search engine's search pages.
As for the order of appearance of the web page in search engine results pages google it all depends on the algorithm or formula that is owned by Google. One of them is called PageRank
Many things are a source of formulas and algorithms to sort penampilkan google web search results pages of search engines such as: link - a link that leads to a web page and link the link on the web page, the link line will also be assessed the quality, density word ( query) is also the one thing that counts even the speed of loading web pages.
Actually algorithms and formulas of Google and other search engines, this is the SEO born. SEO, can be interpreted manipulate web content to fit the formulas and algorithms of search engines, though that SEO is not illegal, if you follow the rules. SEO rule violations could result we lost the web link from the search results page of search engines pengobatan alternatif ....
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