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looking with pleasure during masturbation aidsAlat Bantu sex Mohammed fais | | | | men sex toys | | Leave a commentmost people do masturbation by hand using a liquid soap for lubricant it is not recommended because it can damage the pores or nerve tissue of the penis , therefore the recommended masturbation addicts to use a sex tool that is specifically designed to resemble the vagina original as his successor , in addition to secure this tool will provide satisfaction for the user , and does not cause irritation to the skin and safe for the penis itself , many options to choose tools that suit each person and right now I show an image vibrating vagina silicone tools are safe for masturbation and certainly satisfied for wear .Untitled- 1 copy +Size :length : 29cmdiameter : 24cmcountry of origin : japanPrice : 350obat pembesar penis This tool uses material selection of high quality silicon , resulting in soft silicone , smooth , supple and elastic , is also equipped with a turbo vibrator that will give the effect of vibration on the tool and the size can be adjusted as needed anda.for vibration booking can sms/call.0818935337.melayani throughout Indonesia .
WOMEN SEX TOYS PENIS GO BACK PEARL ELECTRIC rocking vibrationThe penis is made of soft material selection and quality so as not to cause disease and irritation of the skin .
Size :Overall length : 30cmDiameter : 13cm
Useful for the stimulation stimulation in adult women in sexual intercourse ( sex ) .
Form tiny products and how to use that easily allow to be brought anywhere or at anytime use .
This obat aborsi product aids can automatically forward and backward rocking vibration that can add to the enjoyment while playing .
Equipped with vibra in rank penis to tickle and stimulate the area around clistories women .
frequency vibration , back and forth , moaning Jual Alat Bantu Sex sound in the product can be set as desired .Using X 4 AAAA batteries .
with such good shape and this prestigious product can be used as a gift (gift ) to your friends
Avoid lending products to prevent diseases and stuff that does not want
WANITAPENIS SEX TOYS Alat Bantu Sex pria GO BACK PEARL ELECTRIC rocking vibrationCountry of Origin : JapanPrice : Rp.450.000 , -

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