cara mendapatkan obat aborsi An experience of teenagers called laddy ( not her real name ) was 17 years old had to be treated at a private hospital in Surabaya due to severe bleeding . After examination , it has made efforts laddy abortion ( abortion ) with the abortion pill to swallow six tablets .According to his confession he got the drugs from a friend . The drug was a package worth one million dollars . These events are long gone , but why is there still continues to exist similar cases that go into the delivery room . A midwife would like to make concerns raised in this article .When caring for my laddy asked :" The cure to where dik ? "" Friends of my friend's sister , " he replied ." obat telat You know not the danger ? ""No , he 's just a little bleeding and mules wrote , " he said again
The use of abortion drugs is very risky for the salvation of the soul . Not only bleeding alone . Even if the risk of uterine infection abortion process is not clean . It is undeniable that advances in information technology make everyone including teenagers can freely and quickly access a variety of things including searching for information about ways to have an abortion themselves .Actually what is the content of a drug used to penguguran content ?Drugs for abortion in general contain chemicals like hormones prostaglandin which stimulates contractions of the muscle . Actually, this drug is also useful in the treatment of gastric diseases . At certain doses resulted in causing uterine contractions . Contraction is what can cause a miscarriage fertilization outcome .Is the abortion drugs together with drugs induce labor ?In the obstetric health care , these drugs are also used to stimulate contractions in pregnancy , among others in the case of pregnancy through time . However, use of these drugs should be under the supervision of an obstetrician. Midwives assist labor intensive also observe the reaction of the drug . Even in the medical use of obstetrics , the dose used is very small in the distance that has been set by physicians .Why abortion drug dangerous for teens ?State of the uterus and adolescent reproductive growth is still not perfect . Penguguran abortion drug or drug content because it raises the risk of dangerous bleeding , can tear the womb , when youth often illegal use of potentially experiencing infertility due to uterine infections , increased risk of uterine cancer , when it failed aborted fetus will result in birth defects at birth , the pregnancy outside the womb can be bleeding and the risk of death is very high .Can not be aborted ectopic pregnancy with abortion drug and how to know if the ectopic pregnancy ?The products of conception were implanted outside the uterus such as in the Fallopian tubes or tubes can only be seen through ultrasound womb . Ectopic pregnancy without risk of disqualification was already tremendous pain and heavy bleeding . Therefore caution , missed period and a positive pregnancy test is not necessarily conceive in the womb . When teens speculated to try medication abortion would aggravate the risk of death obat aborsi can tersibut even life-threatening .How many months pregnant are safe to be aborted ?There are no teen pregnancies out of wedlock are safe for aborted . That there is a pregnancy that needs to be secured . Even though the physical impact may in some cases not directly visible but psychologically will cause interference . Feel guilty , insecure , prolonged stress and depression . Then for youth who are not yet ready to become pregnant should not try to do free sex with the opposite sex . In addition to risk of sexually transmitted diseases also occur when the pregnancy will panic because it was not ready . As a result, teenagers looking for information among peers . Taking medication abortions illegally .If it ever did as a teenager with drugs and abortion beberapakali successfully , what should I do now ?Repent for not repeating it again . Do not mortgaged the future with medication abortion . Which can not be rectified passed back . Now go to the gynecologist and tell all your problems and ask the necessary checks to ensure the health of the entire uterus and reproductive organs . Do this before marriage .If already pregnant and had an abortion medication at this time but it failed attempt penguguran what should be done ?Immediately stop taking the medication penggugur content . When the fear of angry parents inflicted pregnant out of wedlock , contact your midwife or doctor that you can trust . Disclose all persoalanmu . Midwife and doctor will help explain to parents in order to be accepted and maintain pregnancy . Regarding the decision to quit school or college would have no way out as long as teenagers want to constructed .If you already take medication penggugur womb and the pregnancy continues is not willing to fall , what happened exactly ?Not all experiments alat bantu sex succeed abortion . This condition means the fetus in the very strong survive . Not Suspected attempt to continue the pregnancy other than whatever the cost . If fear of deformed babies , come on obstetricians who will ensure the ultrasound examination . When the defects must be received with full awareness that it is a result of taking the medication abortion act and not one baby. So our task is to maintain the pregnancy until the baby is born as well .If pregnant and taking medication penggugur successful abortion but then have a fever , is this dangerous ? Enough to take antibiotics ?Very dangerous , because the possibility of the infection process is going on . This could potentially happen to infertility later when married . Instead, consult a midwife or a doctor . Whatever the diagnosis, doctors would still be treated as long as the teen is not willing to open up and find their own solutions . Promise not to do any more sex outside of marriage .Some say traditional herbal medicinal herbs are safer for abortion ?Should not take any herbal remedies . Although made ​​from herbal ingredients as dangerous as chemical pills . obat telat bulan dan obat aborsi Better discussed on the couple decided to maintain a pregnancy or are responsible before God and that as a teen parent has repented and is willing to continue the pregnancy whatever the cost .Current abortion drugs so easy to come by where where even without a prescription . Some teens may even mention the type and content of some penggugur drug names . As a parent who has young women especially should provide information regarding the dangers of abortion drugs . Often teens feel frantic and desperate decisions that abortion shortcuts obat pembesar penis 

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